• Stunt Coordinating and Stunt Performing

  • Fight Choreography

  • Actor Training

  • Stunt Rigging

  • Script/Scene Development

  • Safety Consultations

  • Script Breakdowns

  • Exact Budgeting

  • Stunt Equipment Rental


How we work. . . . .


During pre-production we discuss the action sequences with the Director and maybe offer suggestions.  We would discuss options such as how the Stunt/Action would take place, what would be involved to make the Stunt/Action possible and if needs be, suggest any changes that might need to be made.  We would also provide an exact budget and a precise breakdown of the Stunt/Action required.  All details involved in the Stunt/Action will be discussed and provided to you before shooting, thus helping aid your productions efficiency, budget and deadlines.


Productions hire Stunt Co Ordinators to work together with the director to Co Ordinate Action scenes.  The director has his ideas, knows the scene he wants and together with us as the Stunt Co Ordinator we can make it happen.  We assure you that safety is our highest priority.  Therefore whether you require a simple Stunt, such as a Trip or something more complex such as Fire Burns, we asses each situation individually and make sure the safety of the cast and crew are not compromised.  We take full measures to prevent any unwanted injuries without taking away from the performance.


Most productions require scenes where fighting material involves lead actors.  Therefore these actors must become acquainted with the weapons required and/or fighting techniques.  We also make this possible.  We teach the actors involved the best and most realistic fight moves and safe usage of weapons.  We are aware that it will not be possible for all actors to perform to the required standards(due to age, physical difficulties or lack of experience, in those cases we provide the best suited Stunt doubles.  Training and preparation before shooting begins allows the Stunt Co Ordinator to develop a working and trusting relationship with the actors involved and thus giving the actors the confidence needed to use their newly learned techniques.


We aim to offer you everything you could possible require from a Stunt Department.  This includes, Horse Masters, Sword Masters, Stunt Drivers and Utility Stuntmen and women trained to perform any Stunt required.


We welcome and encourage all types of productions from small Theatre Shows, Television Commercials or Series to larger projects such as Feature Films.  We have a full range of well maintained Stunt Equipment.  Whether you require our talent as individuals or as a professionally trained team of Stuntmen and women, we offer you our best possible services and performances.


In conclusion, we have over twenty years of International work experience within the movie making industry.  We understand the necessities and the professionalism required to ultimately create and present films and productions.  Therefore we offer no less than complete competence and job satisfaction.


We look forward to working with you in the near future.


Available Equipment


Crash Mats

Judo Mats

Stunt Boxes

Stunt Padding

Air Bags

Mini Trampolines

Car Safety Harnesses

Jerk and Hanging Harnesses

Rigging and Wire Work Equipment

Zel Gel

Fire Masks

Fire Suits

Crash Helmets

Jerk Ratchet

Air Rams

Trusses (aluminum construction)

We are also able to provide any additional equipment required.